RoboCup is a worldwide testbed for Science and Technology based on Robotics challenges, where Universities and Research centers develop autonomous robots to overcome some practical challenges like playing Soccer Games, rescuing people in a disaster environment, perform some home tasks and factory automation solutions. There are also some robotic leagues specific for juniors (participants up to 19 years old) namely SoccerJunior, RescueJunior, OnStage and Co-Space. The main event is held annually in a different country, but unfortunately due to space reasons, not all teams can participate and therefore, each country has his own qualification event. In order to permit more teams to participate in international events, three main regions decided to organize international event, one in Asia, one in Europe and Americas will have the same. The first European RoboCup was held in Italy in 2018, the second occurred in Germany in 21-23 June 2019, and the third will take place in Guimarães (Portugal), in May 2020. This International RoboCup event is used to promote RoboCup as an attractive instrument to teach STEM for the future of the society. The target is to get young people interested in scientific and technical jobs. Since the number of teams accepted for the yearly RoboCup world championship is very restricted, a supra-regional European RoboCupJunior event will allow to accept more teams from each region to make the important experience of an international event. Since it is planned to accept also RoboCuppers in an age between 10 and 14, this younger age group also gets the opportunity to take part. The proposed event will build on the experience of the first European events hold in Montesilvano and Hannover.